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It is an act of bravery to engage in the therapeutic journey.

Sitting with your fears, worries, and troubling memories can be challenging, yet doing so can intensely impact one's personal growth, healing, and well-being. You are giving yourself the ultimate gifts of self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.

And you know what? YOU deserve it, period.

Your whole self is welcome in our work together. I strive to provide a safe, nonjudgmental environment to foster personal empowerment. I believe the mind, body, and spirit are connected and support a robust model of health.

Your voice has a right to be heard without looking for approval. You have the right to work through things without asking permission. You have a right to take care of yourself.

"We can't change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

I believe in the importance of being a good steward of my client's money.

Sessions are an entire 60 minutes. The client will know how much time is left and what choices are open to continuing the session.

Call or email me for a free 15-minute consultation now at 936-585-9193


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Meet Christina B. Meyers

  • Christina B Meyers
    Christina B. Meyers

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate who specializes in trauma, anxiety, depression, and barriers that could block you from living your fullest life. I am the sole proprietor of Meyers Counseling, associated with Solmonson Counseling Associates in Nacogdoches Texas.

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